01. What, Who, Why and Where?

Where Go is used

What is build using Go?

  • Docker - Container

  • Kubernetes - Container Management System

  • DGraph - Graph Database

  • Hyperledger Fabric - Blockchain platform

and many more! These are all new platforms which are build in last decade.

Who is using Go?

  • Uber

  • Google

  • Twitch

  • SendGrid

  • Medium

most of small scale and medium scale companies are adopting Go. Traditional companies will most probably see huge growth in coming years.

Why Go ?

  • easy to learn

  • standardized formatting

  • multi-platform

  • garbage collected

  • focus on large scale maintainable code

  • easy concurrency

Where Can I run Go?

  • Linux, Windows and MacOS

  • Container

  • Serverless Platforms

  • Browsers

  • Robots

  • IoT Devices

  • Drones!

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