Code With Go

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Core Mission

Our core mission is to empower everyone to "learn to program" using Go programming language. Our mission is to make high quality learning resources freely available for everyone. We also provide free of cost in-person training workshops for underrepresented groups as well as for student. Reach out to us if you want us to teach or speak at event.

Why Go?

  • Go is simple - Go is simple to get started. It's not scary especially for new comers.

  • Go is powerful - Go is very powerful. Modern core platforms like Docker, Kubernetes, Hyper-ledger Fabric Blockchain etc. are being on Go.

  • Go has easy concurrency - Concurrent programming is necessary evil for everyone. Go has simple concurrency model.

  • Go is widely used in web applications and micro-services.

  • Go Community - it is estimated that there are around 0.8 million to 1.6 million users worldwide ~ source

About Me

I am software developer based in Pune, India. You can reach me on Twitter @gophersumit

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